Flu and RSV Testing Service

As the cold season approaches, the importance of timely and accurate testing for respiratory viruses like the flu and RSV cannot be overstated. Our state-of-the-art Flu and RSV Testing services are designed to provide rapid results, ensuring that individuals and healthcare providers can make informed decisions about treatment and care. With the latest in diagnostic technology, we offer reliable detection of these common viruses, helping to prevent their spread and safeguard community health. Trust in our expertise to keep you and your loved ones healthy during flu season and beyond.

PCR Test

PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) testing stands as a cornerstone in modern medical diagnostics, offering unparalleled precision in detecting genetic material from pathogens or abnormal cell samples. This sophisticated technique amplifies tiny DNA or RNA segments, enabling the identification of infectious diseases, genetic mutations, and even minute quantities of cancer cells.

Planning for your Test with Dupage County Diagnostics


Make an appointment & register

1:   Click REGISTER HERE on this website.

2:   Prepare your documents (ID, Insurance, Personal Info)

3:   Follow the instructions.


Arriving at Dupage County Diagnostics

1:   Check in with Dupage County Diagnostics staff by the entrance.

2:   Prepare your documents (ID and insurance if available, but not required).

3:   Stop at the Testing Area, as directed by staff.

4:   A Dupage County Diagnostics staff member will assist you.


Receiving Your Results

1:   Dupage County Diagnostics sends your test to the lab.

2:   The lab analyzes the swab for traces of COVID-19.

3:   You will receive a secure message in 1-2 days with your result for a PCR test. Rapid test results will be sent within an hour.

4:   If the result is positive, we will continue your care plan with a tele-visit with one of our physician assistants to give you personalized instructions and answer any questions you may have about your diagnosis.

5: Now that you’re in our system, it’s easier than ever to make another appointment if needed.